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What We do at the eBrain Lab

We are a team of translational scientists and research trainees with backgrounds in biomedical engineering, computer science, neuroscience and from time-to-time even entrepreneurship, creating innovative solutions to address real societal needs. We are currently heavily focused on addressing lack of early diagnostic and effective therapeutic solutions for youth mental health and addiction recovery.

We believe need is mother of innovation. The scientific research projects we work on are directly driven by identified needs of our community through close partnership with health care authorities, the government, and people with lived experience.


We are particularly enthusiastic about decoding the complexity of brain-behaviour relationship and harnessing that to directly benefit the lives of individuals impacted by mental health and addiction.

| We encourage collaborative efforts across multiple disciplines of science.


We develop and apply tools from various disciplines to conduct research that leads to meaningful and timely translation of its benefit to end-users. We like to ensure we engage as many stakeholders as we can in the process of innovating new solutions and value our partnerships.

Our toolset often includes various forms of neurotechnologies (e.g., biosensors, brain stimulation), data mining techniques (e.g., signal or image processing, machine learning), virtual/augmented reality, behavioural assessments, and computerized behavioural training.

We have a mix of core and affiliated trainees with interests in an in-depth investigation of specific research questions or building new technologies. What brings us together is the common goal of creating innovative solutions to reduce the impact of mental health and addiction.


Curious About Neurotechnologies?

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